How to Locate What's Sucking up Your Hard Drive Space



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I find that programs that specialize in this are a lot easier. I also use Daisy Disk and found that my backups of my IOS devices were using over 16GB. Between two iphones and an IPAD, i just deleted them all except for the latest back ups.

Disk Inventory X, GrandPerspective, WhatSize, OmniDiskSweeper all do the same thing, I just enjoy Daisy Disk and design of it is pretty awesome. You can get the trial version which doesnt expire, just has an ad in the beginning.

For Windows Machines, I use WinDirStat which is free and amazing.



There are so many fine bus powered, pocketable drives out there ( I favor LaCie ).



Download a freebie called 'What Size'



I keep all my music, photos, and movies on an external drive, so they don't clog my main hard drive. The Time Machine drive is big enough to back up both.

It also makes it easy for any networked computer in the house to access the items.



Your tips are really helpful when you dont have a program for this. I use DaisyDisk for that and it really helps me finding big files.

Another thing that put lots of megabytes onto my computer is iTunes and all those podcasts I am listening to. You can configure the podcasts to automatically delete heard episodes. Or set it up that way that it keeps some episodes you really want to keep. Check the podcasts directory from time to time to free up space.


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