How to Lock Your Mac's Computer Screen



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There's another way to do it, which I find very useful.
In the Exposé prefpane you can choose to put your display to sleep with active screen corners. For instance, moving your mouse to the upper right corner would put your display to sleep (obviously if you set it to another corner you'll have to move your mouse there).
This in combination with the 'require password after screensaver begins' option which can be found under the 'General' tab in the security prefpane makes it work very easy.



There's also a keyboard shortcut you could use. Just hit Ctrl + Shift + Eject to 'Sleep Display'. It's far less prone to accidental activation than the hot corner method.



The way I do it is easier in my opinion because it only locks when you want it not when the screen saver comes on.

Go to System Preferences>Accounts and click on "Login Options". Click on the lock at the bottom and enter the Admin Password to unlock the options then...Check the box that says "Show fast user switching as". You can select how the menu bar icon displays itself from the drop down. Now in the Menu bar there is an Icon for user switching. Click on it and click "Login Window" This locks the computer. Hope this helps.



The method described is very error prone to accidental locking, and it uses up a hot corner that can be used for other things. If you open the preferences for Keychain Access (Applications>Utilities), under general you can enable "Show Status in Menu Bar," which will allow you to lock the screen from the menu bar. For the more technical, there is a script available online that can be opened from a keystroke, for quicker access.

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