How to Make a Bootable Clone of Your Mac



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Although there are many tools available for cloning a hard drive but after using most of the tools for back up HD, I prefer Stellar Drive Clone. This tool has successfully cloned my SSD drive to Mac drive.



CCC is one of my favorite tool to clone Mac. Cloning is very important for keeping your precious data safe from losing.



Please help. I followed the instructions for my external HD, and now everything that was on it is gone. Can you please help me?



The CCC is excellent tool to take care of incremental backup. For creating a clone os my Mac OS X, I used it but it was too slow. So, I tried the Stellar Drive Clone to copy my running Mac OS X.



Well, I created a second partition on the USB drive and cloned my hard drive with Carbon Copy Cloner on this second partition. And yes, it is bootable. Just an FYI... :)



Does the USB drive need to be empty to clone an internal hard drive, or does it just need to contain enough space?

Also, could you partition the USB drive and use one partition for the clone while the other retains other data?

Thanks! :)


Anup Mathur

Hey MacAndre, I just finished cloning my Macintosh HD to a PARTITION on a USB 3.0 external HDD. It worked flawlessly!

There were already three partitions on this 1 TB drive - the first was an NTFS of about 100 GB, the second is about 650 GB for Timemachine and, of course, Mac OS x Extended (Journaled), and the third is again an NTFS partition of about 250 GB. The time machine partition contained TM backups and the last NTFS contained data.

I formatted the first NTFS partition through disc utility to Mac OS x Extended (Journaled) and named it OS X; then asked CCC to clone my Macintosh HD to this partition OS X.

Took about 35 mins for the 75 odd GB transfer.
Everything works perfectly on the cloned partition. It is bootable, it is shown as an option for start up disc and all the data on the two pre-existing partitions is intact.
Very impressive!

Edit: Ha ha, silly me answered a four years old query!

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