How to Make Final Cut Pro X More Like Final Cut Pro 7



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Thank you for this! Sorry about that other guy down below. Some people can't express their opinions without being jerks. It's obvious that he's incapable of sketching out a tutorial to help others.

Thank you again, I found this incredibly helpful!




even non broadcast pros (like myself) are finding this programme slow, slightly silly and unresponsive. I work on small events with simple edits, this programme should be perfect for the job! unfortunately it isn't. Imovie X has nice features that could work within the WIDE variety of pro editors but fails. It is not just broadcast pros that are fed up with this half arsed programme



Clearly these aren't the main missing features we (the pro video editors) have been griping about. It's obvious that the external viewing was there just hidden and the track appearance is no where near FCP 7's UI. Nice try.

Bottom line, FCP 7 is a pro app. iMovie Pro, I mean FCP X isn't.

There's just no way around that. Period.


Richard Servello

Spoken like someone that has only glanced at FCPX. I realize this was from when the software was first released and it was missing a lot of features it now has back...but I'm sure you still think this is true. How about, before snapping to judgement, try using it....then form an opinion. I have been using FCPX (coming from a FCP background dating back to 2006) and I think it is the best NLE available! Of course...since it doesn't look like the outdated editors that we are all used it it gets the moniker of iMovie Pro...simply because it borrows from its younger and more user friendly sibling.

FCPX is faster, more intuitive and much better organized than FCP7 could ever hope to be....oh and did I mention MUCH MUCH MUCH MUCH more stable!!!!!!!! I pulled my hair out every day with FCP in its old, and now outdated form! It would crash was SO picky about the format of picture you put on a timeline...good luck using MP3 or any modern audio or even video for formats...Try putting a clip on a timeline that doesn't conform to the initial settings I dare ya! Best case you will be rendering every clip you drop, worst will get massive issues and crashing. FCPX doesn't care. Use 10-bit uncompressed, H.264, MKV, 60p, 24p, 30i, 1080, 720, it doesn't care...throw it all on one timeline and it plays without a hitch and it plays as it should. Drop 60p footage on a 24p timeline and it does the pull down on the fly. Shot external automatically syncs without the need of a clapper. No more worrying about audio falling out of sync since it is carried by the video tracks...even in B-Roll.

There is so much greatness in FCPX that so-called pros are missing out on because of their stubborn belief that something new can't be better. When it is all said and done...all editing apps do the same thing...they allow you to cut together clips to tell a story. No software will make you better at that. It can only add convenience and speed to workflow, and FCPX delivers in spades!

I guess it makes sense first job as an editor, we still had someone there using Symphony....why...because he couldn't be bothered to learn anything new. It's really sad.


Skyler Baird

I had a hard time giving this exact same pitch to a teacher of mine. Then when he saw how quickly I could edit a video and have it exported. His facial expressions giving away that he was impressed then saying "well, I bet you could have learned to do that just as quickly if you had a lot of practice on avid or premiere." It has become an annoying cliche to dog on FCPX from the movie industry almost like android fanboys dog on the iPhone. It certainly gets the job done for 95% of my needs. Occasionally when I have a weird frame size I will use premiere but FCPX is so easy to use and so quick. For work I edit around 50 videos a week. FCPX probably saves me 10 hours of editing time per week, It really adds up.



There's just no pleasing some people... LOL



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