How to Make a Google Group Calendar



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I have to ask, why would you manually export the google calendar into iCal rather than just syncing it automatically? If you go to iCal preferences and then the accounts tab, you can add your google account and it will sync your calendar. If you have more than one calendar in google, you can select the different calendars you want synced with iCal under "delegates."

Also, you can sync your iPhone with google calendar directly with exchange, rather than going google calendar, iCal, iPhone. Just google "google calendar iphone sync"



I'm with strabes, manually updating to iCal is unecessary and if you add events on your iPhone they won't be synced back to iCal until you connect to iTunes or log into Google calendar and export.

Over-the-air sync via exchange and adding google calendar to iCal is a far more robust and automatic solution

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