How to Make a Mac Pro Wireless



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I have a 1st generation Mac Pro, I did this upgrade a while back. I obtained a card from Sweetwater for about $80. The upgrade was fairly straightforward, except for attaching the antenna wires. Mine were tucked behind the motherboard and took some time to bring up. Then the process of attaching them to the card was a little iffy. Basically they work like buttons, but they (at least mine) took quite a bit of force to get to snap into place. I was worried I was going to crack something on the card or the logic board. However, I was able to do it and I now enjoy 802.11n wi-fi on my Mac Pro. A worthy upgrade as there's not exterior antenna to get in the way or mess up the looks of the tower.

If you don't want to worry about cracking open the box or possible messing up the logic board, just get a USB wi-fi stick wlrayburn said. Plus, if they ever add another wi-fi standard (802.11p maybe?lol) you will be able to upgrade easily. With my interior card, it's 802.11n or bust, I don't think I'd do the process again just to get the next wireless


Mr. Happypants

I think you're right, I doubt I'd drop $90 simply to get a printer sharing out of the deal. I could get s decent N-Speed router for that kind of money.



Aren't there several inexpensive usb wireless adapters for under $20 available that work on MacPros? I know I've added bluetooth to my 2006 MacPro 1,1 for $3 with a tiny usb dongle in my monitor's hub. It didn't require any software drivers and connected right away. I have considered adding wifi to my Pro with a little Airlink $10 dongle (Meritline had it on sale via It's wireless n and can go in any USB slot, whether directly in the Pro or in a USB hub.


Mr. Happypants

I wonder, would this make it available as a wireless print server? I've got a Brother model laser that's supposed to have built-in wireless access but I've been able to make it work. Short of getting a router that has print server functions, adding wireless to the Desktop Mac might be as good or better.

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