Build an OS X Friendly Linux Media Server From Your Old PC



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Dmapd, available at, is an alternative implementation of a DAAP server. Because dmapd supports DPAP in addition to DAAP, you can use dmapd to provide music to iTunes and pictures to iPhoto.



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Yes no doubt Yes I have two Dell clunkers in the garage I could try this with. I'm just true wondering about that PC fan noise that I hate more online printing



 Page rank5 Yes I have two Dell clunkers in the garage 



You obviously put a lot of work into that post and its very interesting to see the thought process that you went through to come up with those conclusion. Thanks for sharing your deep thoughts. I must admit that I think you nailed it on this one.

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My Mac laptop will not allow me to connect to the new media server on my network. I can access the IP address via firefly and everything looks right....but i cant get to the actual media see's it in finder but it tells me the following:

The server “MediaServer1” may not exist or it is unavailable at this time. Check the server name or IP address, check your network connection, and then try again.

Oh yeah...i can connect via Terminal with the same IP problem.

Any ideas????



It is a great post, giving a lot of helpful informationa bout making the PC media server.
You definitely have put a lot of work into this. It is great, well writen and giving great instructions.
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I did everything according to directions but my iMac will not recognize the IP when I try to connect to server > afp://myiphere

It's too bad the only comments here are spam...I'd really like to turn my old PC into a linux server.



Nice share. Will give it a try.

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The Firefly Media Server (formerly mt-daap) is a fast DAAP server that is simple to install and even easier to configure. Firefly resides on a single Linux machine that doesn’t have to be a powerhouse. In fact, you can install this lightweight server on Ubuntu Server and you’re almost ready to go.

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I went through the whole process until I got to the point where I should install Firefly...the website is unavailable. Any suggestions?



Netatalk is software that allows you to broadcast using the Apple File Protocol, or AFP. Think of it as a Linux version of Bonjour.

Acutally, Netatalk is an implementation of Apple's AppleTalk Protocol Suite. A part of which is the Apple File Protocol or AFP. AFP is a way to share files over a network similarly to Sun's NFS and Microsoft's SMB (Samba on Linux and many other platforms.)

Avahi is an open source version of Zeroconf, the same spec. that Apple's Bonjour implements.

Also the Firefly/PulpTunes combo only streams audio files. If you want to stream video you'll have to look into other UPnP/DLNA options.

A much easier way to get all of this functionality and more with a nice GUI interface would be to install FreeNAS on your old PC.



Hmm, I have three Dell clunkers in the garage I could try this with. I'm just wondering about that PC fan noise that I hate.
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Will this also let me share onto a Windows pc too?

I have both in the house and want to make sure I can use it for both.

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