How to Manage Your Monthly Data Plan



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I use an app on my iPhone called "Comsume"; it is free. It works basically like the one you can get with your service provider but you can instead log in with your account info automatically with or without wifi(usually the service provider ones only work on 3g). It gives you your balance, your, minutes used compared to your bucket of minutes also with a prorated sliding scale where you should be. They also have the data and sms as well on the screen at the same time..... did I mention it was FREE



I consider myself lucky to still be on an unlimited data plan with Verizon. Most if not all of us just want to use our phones how we see fit without worry. I don’t see any justification other then wanting to make more money to not offer unlimited data. I have checked my usage for the month and I use on average about 300-400 MB well under the 2GB plan. However a very small minority use excessive amounts of data according to the Major carrier standards. Should something have been put in place for them? Maybe or maybe not, but I find it hard to believe with a customer base in excess of 90 million that a few thousand would degrade performance enough for everyone else to feel it. Besides I am sure there are many that would be willing to pay a reasonable amount for a TRULY UNLIMITED data plan (Sprint is looking Sexy right about now).
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