How to Manually Change Dock Icons in Snow Leopard



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You can use custom images for app status icons as well. I'm using some for Dropbox.

I put a free set on Gumroad:

You'll find a step-by step guide there too. There are .ICNS files, .PNG images and .PSD templates, in case you'd like to make some yourself.




When I open the Flurry icons, they come up as folders. how do I change these?


Tim Geelen

I read the article on changing icons in MacLife's July edition. Especially the iOS Flurry and Phoney icon collections have my interest. I am keen on trying this, yet I have some questions before I want to attempt this.

1. First of all, if I modify the icons now, do you think the changes will last for Lion as well? Or is it better to wait a few days until Lion is released, and then attempt to replace the icons?

2. The CandyBar software seems like a good tool to easily replace entire icon sets. But I really want to know if there is a "restore to default" possibility? In other words, if I no longer like the customized icon set, how do you revert back to the original Mac OS X icons for all your applications and folders?

Thanks in advance for your assistance!


Scooter Rocks

Hi guys, I really love this new trick. However, when I try to change the trash icon, it doesn't work. I do everything correctly - same file name/extension, copies of the old ones, restart, etc. When I restart my computer, the icons are the same! I check in the dock resources, and my new pictures are there! Weird, right? Any help?

Also, I just created another account on my computer, and that dock works like a charm! =( !



*Looking at you, Google Chrome*

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