How to Move Your Media to an External Disk



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what does "You can't copy iTunes because it has the same name as another item on the destination volume, and that volume doesn't distinguish between upper and lowercase letters in filenames" suppose to mean? I am trying to move itunes from one external hardrive to another newer bigger one. obviously i did it before long ago but i can't get it to work now because of the extremely annoying message.



And what about Time Machine?
Will Time Machine make a BKUP of the transfered media?
What if the external drive dies?¿? :-/
This is my only concern... can someone tell me about it?



I just tried the itunes portion of this. I moved my whole iTunes folder to my WD Network drive. My MacBook Pro and my wies Air both found the new location easy enough. However, when I purchased a new song on iTunes via my MBP, the song will not show up when my wife opens her iTunes. Can someone point me in the right direction on how to resolve this? Thanks.



Which iTunes Manager do you use?



As far as iTunes...
I can speak only for SL 10.6 and not for Lion, but when i tried this a while back, it partially worked...
The problem was that everything was transferred on the external drive of choice, but not the Mobile Applications folder....
I was puzzled by this, as it kept everything else on the external drive but Mobile Apps retained their original position...
And it didn't make any sense to have everything else on an external drive and keep the apps on the system drive, because i have a lot of apps eating a lot of hd space....
I was forced to use a third party app, that allowed me to have various iTunes Libraries located on external disks
and changing the Library that iTunes will load from that app...

Can someone verify that the Mobile Applications move to the external drive with lion?



you can use soft links for that:
i.e. "ln -s /Volume/your-hard-drive/BU Backup" through the terminal



But isn't it true that moving the iPhoto library to an external drive only works if said external drive is formatted HFS+? If not, then it's going to cause all kinds of problems. I would love to move mine to my NAS drive, but because I share it with Windows users, I can't have it formatted in HFS+, since they wouldn't be able for read files on it.

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