How To Navigate, Organize and Delete Apps with Launchpad



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Cory Fernandez

The Launchpad was an amazing feature put into Lion
but I'm having a few issues deleting citing apps.
The folders option is another great feature, it's helped me save a lot of space in Launchpad.


Rick Mattie

How do you remove or better yet, hide apps from LaunchPad. I don’t want to delete them from my disk, just what to remove apps like Uninstall from being visible in LaunchPad.



So the "X" only appears on third party apps and i have double of apple native apps, (i.e.. ical, ichat, FaceTime, etc. ) one works and the other has an error message. Any advice?



So after launching LaunchPad from the Dock, it fails to appear in the Recent Items Apps list. I only use Recent Items to launch apps 'cause it's like the old OS 9 which I prefer. Bummer.



I have no use for Launchpad if I have to click icons to launch things. I want a way to navigate and select using only the keyboard.



Why not make a how-to guid instead of post several different ones? it bumped most of MacLife's news of the 1st page! GoodWork and speed on posting the how-to's though!

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