How to Open iTunes 11 Automatically When Connecting a Device to Your Mac



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Conditions (2/18/2015): Running Yosemite and iOS:
1. Use iPhoto to set what iPhoto does when iPhone connects to Mac (3 choices: iPhoto, Image Capture, no application).

2. Use iTunes to set whether or not it opens when iPhone connects.
-a. Connect iPhone.
-b. Select iDevice so it appears in SideBar.
-c. Click "Summary".
-d. In "Options", check or un-check "Automagically sync..." item (checked will cause iTunes to open, unchecked does not. 8+| )

I now have things set up the way I want; Image Capture (only) opens when I connect my iPhone, it is "seen" as a camera. iTunes is used mainly to manually sync my iDevices and I open in when I want. It "sees" my iDevice when I connect them, thank you very much! ;+)

Of course, IC has no prefs. I dread the day when Apple stops supporting it!



There's only one small problem with your instructions regarding iTunes: the box labeled “Open iTunes when this [iPad/iPhone/iPod] is connected” does not exist in iTunes 11. Look at the example image immediately under that statement in the original post above.



If you don't and keep iTunes 10 you will have CoverView and the ability to have more than one image of your cover. You will be able to have the Obverse of the cover and show the tracks that are contained in the album. You will also have the ability to have your iPhone or iPad open without the machinations of the above. It will open automatically as long as iTunes Helper is in your log in items.Just CoverView alone is worth not using iTunes11. If you want color in your sidebar there is a hack that will add color to it instead of the colorless MEH quality of iTunes which I do understand went to color of the sidebar in iTunes11.



You are correct on the settings for iTunes,


Your settings for iPhoto are OVERKILL.

Users typically DO WANT iPhoto to open, when they connect a Camera.
And some users may want it to open when they connect their iPhone, but NOT their iPad or iPod.

The Correct settings, so that you can have iPhoto OPEN or NOT OPEN, tied to a specific device, can be found under the Image Capture application.

1) Connect the device, for which you want to apply the OPEN or NOT OPEN iPhoto setting.

2) Open the Image Capture application

3) In the lower left hand corner, under the
'Connecting this device opens:'
select > No Application

Now you can have this setting, device-specific, and Not Globally.

Heck, you can even set it so that your point & shoot opens iPhoto, your SLR opens Aperture, and your iPhone opens nothing.


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