How to Open Winmail.dat Files



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Richard Morgan

I have people receiving our emails and not being open attachments who use Macs but also PCs - so this seems not to be a Mac problem at either end. When technical support is asked, they shrug their shoulders and give you a link to articles such as this because nobody can be bothered to sort out the issue.


Nicholas Zeltzer

I'm surprised that Apple hasn't incorporate winmail.dat support into something like Preview; sure, it's not "their problem", but then again neither is our need to view PDF files, Excel documents, etc.

That said, there are literally dozens of apps available to open winmail.dat files. I'm partial to the LawBox Winmail DAT Viewer on the Mac, and its companion app on iOS, but, as I said, there are literally dozens of options. Go with the one you trust.



I have received a email with a winmail.dat attachment recently. And I search it with Google. Some people have the same problem and post on Mac forum, and I used the enolsoft winmail viewer which is recommended on the forum to open it successfully.



Here's the bottom line - Mac is still a proprietary platform and has NO intention of improving their compatibility with other file formats or mail products that are "non Mac". The Winmail.dat issue is just one of many. I have called Apple several times on this as I get many of these files, and they have NO intention of imbedding the conversion software into their mail product, because "we're not Windows" (direct quote). So, if you are planning on using the Mac for business, where you will receive attachments of many different file types from many different senders, DO NOT BUY AN APPLE PRODUCT!! You will spend your day trying to download third party software that may or may not eventually open the file, or you will annoy your clients by asking them to resend items in an "Apple approved" format. DO NOT believe the sales people, the Mac IS NOT compatible with many common file formats!!



Apparently you didnt read the article. Winmail.dat files are proprietary to Microsoft's Outlook email program, and are incompatible any mail client not specifically created to read them, regardless of the operating system. There's quite a few Windows mail clients that are unable to read winmail.dat files as well, so I'm not sure why you're wasting your time calling Apple expecting them to fix a problem that Microsoft created in the first place.

Absolutely nothing else you wrote is relevant nor true, stop being an idiot and troll elsewhere.

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