How to Optimize Your Mac with Onyx



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I was using Onyx for the first time and was really nervous. I googled for help, and this article came up.

I really felt like you were holding my hand through the process! Thank you so much. Really clear, reassuring and helpful. You've made my morning.

All the best,




I am agree with you that for doing some housekeeping on your Mac, OnyX is good tool because its free as well. But it is recommended to use some better third party tool for getting some more advanced features than this free utility for the users like me, who have to do their all work digitally and have to maintain their Mac for keeping it in good performance for long time.
In order to optimize Mac performance and keep yourself feel free from your Mac performance you can go for software or tricks.
So, I have tried many software, and finally the one which I found good in overall performance,features and easy to use is Stellar Speedup Mac.



Nice post!



I agree with AMCarter3 -- I'm not very techy and I would like more info on the best way to use the app, not just what it does.



In the last paragraph: "Cleaning and maintaning your Mac's OS is imperitive" it should read "imperAtive"



Not to be too critical, but what is the point of this article? It doesn't provide much more than a repeat of the listed functions in each of Onyx's windows. It would have been interesting if it had offered some genuine insight into the WHAT's and WHY's of each function.

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