How to Play Unsupported Video Files on Your iPad



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And what about Ace Player? In other forum a reviewer advised it. I took the advise on Ace Player, which is free, and is very good, with support for subtitles and plays every format there is available. I Love it for my trips. I use Air Video for streaming, but will try Air Media and Air Playit; a better resolution could be nice, although Airvideo also does the job of getting out of my boredom in hotel rooms on my trips.



I used to use Air Video, but I changed to Air Media and Air Playit because as Air Video streams & converts, then airplay to Apple TV, the output image is of very low quality. Unlike Air Media and Air Playit, it gives you the same resolution as the original file.



I've been really happy with GoodPlayer. Plays VOB files (directly ripped from DVDs, if you're into that kind of thing. Big files though...)



What about the FREE Playerxtreme app that was previously reviewed? No mention of it here, but it works in a similar manner, does it not?


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