How To Print Directly to PDF Without Opening a File



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Thanks for posting this. After searching for hours on how to print more directly to a pdf, I was happy to come across these instructions!

I'm hoping there's an update to the challenge "Extra points for configuring a Folder Action to automatically move them to your Documents folder"?

Are there any downsides to following Munas directions on the "sudo" command? And is there a way to see or undo this command once invoked?

thanks again to you and Mr. Knight!



You mention in your article that CUPS-PDF will save them in /Users/Shared/CUPS-PDF/username, but you can move the files wherever you want. I'm sure that this is a "rookie" question, but can you please tell me how to configure CUPS-PDF to save the files somewhere else?
Many thanks!



Is this Automator Application different in OS x Lion. I am trying to complete following the instructions provided but the Print Finder Items does not have a Print To option available and dragging the CUPS-PDF printer from the System Preferences --> Printer and Faxes created a new Get Specified Finder Items action in the Automation path.




Yeah, this is a great little program, I have been using it for quite a while now, I upload the printed PDF's to my "iDevices", and then I can refer to them whenever and wherever I am... So, plenty of reading material, recipe's for ingredients in the market (iPhone) or actually making a recipe (slab...iPad2) in the kitchen etc.

Indeed, it almost negates the need for all of those "apps", all we need is RSS, PDF and Mr. Knight's "cups-pdf" tool.... oh and perhaps a word processor like Pages or Byword etc.

There... saved you all a packet!

BTW: Mr. Knight, if you read this... Thanks very much, this is genuinely good work!



Alternatively, to keep desktop clean (I prefer desktop to be clean, contrary to my desk) :) and to have a possibility to print from right-mouse click menu services part, one may do all you described just in automator to choose Service.
To make printed files accessible more easy, a command in Terminal would do a trick (with customization according needs) i.e. redirecting it to user’s home Documents/PrintedCUPS-PDFs folder
sudo ln -s ~/Documents/PrintedCUPS-PDFs /private/var/spool/cups-pdf/username

where username is a user name of a mac user

P.S. this command will require to enter an administrative password
P.P.S. having this command among services will allow to create a keyboard shortcut to make the print to pdf even easier and quicker.

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