How To Quickly Launch Apps with Spotlight



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Howard Brazee

My big problem with this is when I'm not remembering the name of an application.

But with Apple wanting all of our applications in the same folder, it doesn't get much better searching around for, say Front Row, going down to "M" for "movie". I'd rather create a sub folder for my media playing applications, so I don't have to do as much searching.

Which I do on my iPad now.

Admittedly, once I discover this problem, I can create an alias and name it "Movie player", so next time I get the application started easier. But that's next time.



I rarely use Spotlight, I have to say, even though I think it works beautifully. I have folders with aliasses in my dock (for Adobe, other apps, utilities, communication and sound/movie/pictures) and find my way to every app in just two clicks.
Not saying the spotlight solution is not useful, but this works far better for me.



Spotlight is brilliant. Far too many apps to wade though to just have the folder on the dock.

To take it one further try Alfred. It's as simple as spotlight but does so much more.



I have my Applications folder in the dock. Two mouse clicks and I have my app launched. I think this is easier than dealing with Spotlight.


J Keirn-Swanson

I live by this shortcut and can't for the life of me figure out why anyone (read, my wife) wants to click the Finder, click on Applications, scroll through the list to find what she wants, click on what she wants, to get what she wants. Ridiculous.

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