How to Quickly Make a Ringtone in iTunes



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I did all of the above and it worked great for making a ringtone. I had to drag the song from the finder to the desktop and then delete the 30 second ACC song from Itunes and then drag the song from the desktop to the tones folder in iTunes.

The problem I have now is that the original song I took the 30 sec clip from now only plays 30 seconds of the song even though it says it is 2:46 long! It stops playing at the 30 second mark and moves to the next song.
How do I restore it???
Should I delete those 30 second clips from the desktop?



Hi, Cory! I am running Itunes 10.7 and I do not have the option "show in finder" - instead mine says "show in Windows Explorer", and there is no option to change the file to .m4r...?

Thanks :)



I am running iTunes 10.6.3.

Step 1 and 2 worked perfectly.
However, from step 3 on it didn't work.

I tried to import the custom ringtone by both double-clicking on the song in the Finder, and by dragging and dropping it to the iTunes icon in the dock. Nothing happened.

The ringtone stayed in the finder window and never showed in the in the Ringtones section of iTunes.

I selected my device (iPhone 4s) in the iTunes sidebar, and no Tones tab is available. Hence no box labeled “Sync Tones”.

Any thoughts?


Michael Korleone

personally, i`ve given up on itunes, i always got some errors here and there
now i use WALTR for Mac/PC, this is the app that can easily transfer any video/music files to iOS devices really quickly , and there are no steps - you just drag and drop
It works really awesome and without any problems
Look it up
i hope it`s helpful



If it's not automatically importing, move the ".m4r" that you changed in the Finder to the Desktop and remove the 30-second preview song from iTunes. Try the import again. That should fix it.

The probelm is that iTunes may be thinking that the 30-second song is the ringtone, so it's trying not to double import the same file, which is why it's not importing into the ringtones section. After importing the .m4r into iTunes, the ringtones section should automatically appear; if it doesn't, navigate to iTunes > Preferences > General, and check the "Tones" option and click OK.



When I try to right click and look for "create AAC version" , the only option is "create lossless version"



You can fix that by navigating to iTunes Preferences > General > Import Settings. From the "Import Using" drop-down menu, select "AAC Encoder" instead of "Apple Lossless Encoder." Click OK, and then OK again to save those settings. Should work perfectly after doing that. 

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