How to Quickly Set Up Home Sharing in iTunes



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Also, what about Game Center?

When my son received an iPod Touch for Christmas none of the progress/scores he'd made on games on my iPhone transferred over.

Can you have multiple Game Center accounts and can you get that to sync on new devices?



Can anyone tell me the best way to set up multiple iOS devices for multiple family members linked to a single iMac with multiple users?

I currently sync all iPhones and devices through my user and purchase all ITMS content through my account. Is there a better way without duplicating my 69GB iTunes library?

I suppose I could relocate the iTunes Music folder to the Shared folder. But then would I be able to manage content by only loading certain music to each users' iTunes Library (for example, excluding "Explicit" songs from the children's libraries?



Hi MacinScott, 

Have you looked at a previous article we wrote on an application called MediaRover that can automatically keep multiple iTunes libraries in sync? You can find it here:

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