How to Quit Apps in iOS 4



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Howard Brazee

The hard part is knowing which apps are running (using up resources), and which are just sitting there.


Mr. Happypants

I've showed this to more than a few long-time iPhone people who had NO idea it was possible. And, necessary when you've been running dozens (in some cases) of apps for months. A hard reset once in a while doesn't hurt either.



If you run very many apps, then they will have quite themselves. Only if you run the same app regularly enough that it has not been shut down, and you do not run any other that needs the resources more, will apps stay open in perpetuity.



Thanks for the post, and while I know how to quit an app, seeing the detailed instructions reminded me that this is an area of the iOS that needs work. I wish we could quit out of all running apps at one time and that you could exit an app from the app itself.

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