How To Recover Passwords in Mac OS X with Keychain Access



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I followed your instructions to access a password.

I entered my Mac OS X user credentials to authenticate. and then I clicked the Allow button to continue. However, the "Show" button was not checked and my password was not visible in the login item detail pop up.

Help please.




I just received my Verizon iPhone yesterday (had been using an iPod Touch); and discovered the same problem. I had gained access to several WiFi hot spots, but forgot the password... and no apparent way to "find" them on the iPod... so that I can transfer them over to my iPhone (which, by the way, is VERY cool!).



Very useful tip! However, more and more I find myself having to enter new passwords while using my iPad. This may occur in Safari or in the WiFi settings when I join a new wireless network. The question is, is there an equivalent method to retrieve stored passwords from the iPad?

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