How to Recover Your Restrictions Password



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If the iPad is jailbroken, ipad 1 is easily jailbroken iPad 2 is jailbroken on IOS 4.3.3 but no other IOS (a week from now a jailbreak should be out for IOS 5 on iPad 2) you can modify the restrictions from an file on the device. You can modify the file either from the device with a jailbreak app called ifile which you can get from cydia or a free option is to ssh into the device and modify the file from their (google for details). The file you need to modify is in var/mobile/libary/configurationprofiles/publicinfo/effectiveusersettings.plist all the restrictions are there (true is on, false is off). I found this trick out by looking through the IOS filesystem for a long time, I messed up my device many times by modifying things I should not touch so be careful with the files on your I device.

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