How To Remotely Monitor Your Transmission Torrent Downloads



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I am trying to make a remote connection to my desktop in order to use iControlBits and Transmission on my iPhone.

I have a hostname which I created with and the Mac OS X client installed on my Mac and it has a green light.

I enabled NAT port forwarding on my Airport Extreme.

I have a Motorola SurfBoard Cable Modem that has a setting, I turned that on.

I have read that this function on the SurfBoard does not work, also I am not sure if I still have to do any port forwarding on the modem/router.

I love any thoughts on where to start troubleshooting?





@marcusrodrigues No, they didn't miss that. See the second paragraph.

I use the web interface a lot from my Mac (to monitor Transmission on another Mac) and occasionally from my iPhone. Does this app provide a way for me to upload new torrents to Transmission? Maybe by pasting in the download link, or by setting itself up as the handler for certain content types?



Unfortunately, no, it doesn't let you upload torrents to your Mac like the web client does. I was hopeful for this feature, but maybe a future update will provide this. 



Thanks for the response. Too bad it doesn't support adding torrents; that would be a feature not otherwise available on iOS, seeing as the web interface's upload button does nothing in Mobile Safari.



You may be missing the fact that u can connect to it's web interface from Mobile Safari as a web app. No need for third party Apps...

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