How to Remove the Disk-hogging Sleepimage File from Your Mac



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I have a '08 MacBook that chronically hung. About a quarter of the time if I closed the lid, when I opened it up it would not wake. I'd have to hold down the power button until the machine shut down, then restart it.

This was a minor issue at first but in the last year has gotten much worse. After researching this for some months I stumbled upon this SafeSleep thing. Last August I went through the process listed above to kill SafeSleep and remove the sleepimage file.

My MacBook has not hung once since then. The best improvement I've ever done to it.



Wow. That was nearly a 10 gig file. I'm not looking to disable the feature so it'll just come back later, but yeah, that was big.



"Regardless of how important this file may sound, it's actually completely unnecessary."

Hope you guys don't get sued over the fact that by putting this article to use on a MBA could cause it to not wakeup, DeleteInformation, or worse brick the Mac. The MBA uses flash memory that relies heavily on lions backup systems (I.E. Sleepimage).



While I currently would not want to do this on my MBP, it's good to know how in case I ever do.

I appreciate articles like this that are more technical and involve the use of Terminal. Thanks.

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