How to Remove "Other" Data from Your iPhone



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Maybe an iPhone Cleaner can help remove "Other" Data from Your iPhone. I come across an product from Macgo, which is a free iPhone Cleaner. Works well.



This article is pretty pointless. You can't delete the "Other" data from your iphone. Example: iMovie is a 605 MB app but it takes up almost 2 GBs on my phone due to documents and data yet I've deleted every video and project I've ever worked on. Am I missing something here?



here is another way to do that



Issue : How to remove the data in "Other" section of IPOD Touch.

Observation: I had 4.. version of IPOD Touch firmware and installed VLC player also. I have added movies to my VLC player about and the other i thought of updating my firmware so, downloaded the latest firmware using itunes and got it installed in my IPOD. After the installation all my apps on my IPOD were erased inlcluding VLC player but to my strange the data (movies) added to VLC player were moved to Other section. I tried many times restoring my IPOD from backups but that did not work.

Solution: Tried restoring my IPOD as New one (not from backup) and dat worked out.



Interestingly, in one of the iOS 5.0 beta releases, Apple added the ability to delete the documents & data from that screen while leaving the app intact. It would then just act as if it were a fresh download the next time you open it. I don't know why they removed this feature but it was really helpful!

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