How to Research with Google Docs



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I saw the article about how to research with Google Docs in the last issue. I'd like to try it, but the directions you provided in the article don't work.



I guess it's research... sort of. But it really waters down the idea of what research is. Research requires a little bit of strategy and forethought, and some good resources -- not just what Google happens to throw back at you. I'd say, rather than research, this is the equivalent of "quick reference" -- you know, like those books libraries used to keep handy right there in the reference section. (I say "used to" because most of that material is going digital -- but not all of it is freely accessible without a subscription. Yay, libraries!)


Old Unix Guy

So Google wants to see everything you type and everything you search for and click on all in one convenient place, huh? Well, I'm absolutely certain that the ONLY reason why they want that is to make it convenient for the user. They couldn't possibly have any other motives, especially - dare I say it - evil ones for doing so...


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