How To Reset Your Apple ID



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Carsten Legaard

Couldn't find an editor-contact, so I'll ask here.
I like Mountain Lion but I am torn by iCloud. Sharing one Apple ID with my wife made a total clutter. Her contacts were merged with mine, my deletions deleted hers and so on. And not only contacts, but emails, notes and docs and .... everything was a mess. While shifting from one Apple ID to another (logging out of one, logging into another) I seem to have deleted everything from both accounts. I simply can't figure out how it is supposed to work, and I certainly am not sure I have the patience and the faith to try it out.
The case is, I had the same troubles with Mobile Me and before that iDisk. To me the only advantage in iCloud is it deletes everything faster and more irreversible.
I am so sick and tired of it, and if I can't use ML without iCloud, I will downgrade to a pre 10.7 system - or even to Windows.



I want to change my ID but no blue "edit" button appears before the ID I can edit name and secondary email. BUT NO EDIT BUTTON APPEARS ON THE RIGHT OF ID... WHY IT IS SO? WHAT SHOULD I DO???



I have changed my Apple ID and everything works except that my iMac still shows my old ID as does iCal. It will not allow any attempt to change the old ID to the new one and every time I log on a dialogue box opens for the old ID asking for my PW. When I give it the box just comes back again. Any ideas?



I have an "old" user ID when it was not required to use an email address. So when I try to change my user ID to my email address, it says.."This email address is already in use or you may already have an Apple ID associated with this email address. Please try again or sign in using your existing Apple ID."

So when I wanted to install and use something like Find My iPhone, for example, I had to go get another email address and set that up as my ID. Now I have to remember what I have one Apple ID that is my old one, and what has my "stupid" one.

I want to change my current ID to my main email address without the error message!


Danny Debner

I use my gmail (Secondary Email) for my Apple ID. I have MobileMe. I intend on using that transfer to iCloud for the features, but can't because then my music wouldn't be linked to that account. C'mon Apple. This is just annoying.



You HAVE to use an email address as an APPLE ID. There is no other way around it. Why? I had an APPLE ID for iTunes when I was still a Windows PC user. When I made the switch to Mac and MobileMe I was issued another APPLE ID which I have never used to purchase anything in the appstore or iTunes. I use my MobileMe email address as my primary email address and maybe unlike some others out there I only want to have 2 email addresses (work, personal). I originally signed up with my work address because it was years ago and now I would like to switch my email address to my MobileMe address just so that my receipts and notifications are sent to that email and not my work one. For a company that makes amazing technology - this is impossible. Riddle me why?



Chad, I had/have the same problem. I made an apple id w an old work email account in 2002 when I bought an iPod. I now have 85gb of music-iPhone, 3 macs and a mobile Me address as my primary personal email. Apple automatically created an id w my MobileMe address- but,like yours, its not attached to the account I use.(And reminds me anytime)
I wrote a letter to Apple, after realizing all of this, asking if I could fuse or merge the 2 accounts I received a polite no. I wish I would have saved the message to share.



I've gone back and forth with them over this for a month or so. They keep talking about it's impossible to "merge" 2 APPLE ID's. I don't want to merge them! I just want to use 1 - my MobileMe! Like you I have a ton of apps, music, movies, etc. that I'd love to have all under one roof - especially with iCloud coming. I even tried creating a MobileMe alias to use for the email address - and that didn't work either. If you cruise the message boards there are a ton of people having this same problem. Hopefully when iCloud officially launches there will be some way to fix this!

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