How to Rip DVDs in 5.1 Surround Sound



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Matthew Black

I have installed both handbreak and the vlc and moved both to my applications folder, but when i try to open a dvd in handbreak, it says that i need to install the vlc, what could i be doing wrong?



The instructions above will only produce a stereo downmix (also referred to as Dolby Surround) from the 5.1-ch source. 160 kbps data rate is way too low for 5.1-ch audio.

To properly maintain the original 5.1-ch audio in the example from the article, you need to instead select "AC3 Passthru" (short hand for Dolby Digital) under "Codec".

Alternatively, you can instead select "AC3" under "Codec" and "6-channel discrete" under "Mixdown" to re-encode the 5.1-ch audio at a lower data rate. I don't advise going any lower than 384 kbps. In almost all cases, I recommend just going with "AC3 Passthru".

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