How To Run a Parallels Virtual Machine from an External USB Drive



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my question is can I run parallels from TarDisk 256 (its a 256gb onboard flash upgrade on Kickstarter) says it's faster than usb hard drive would installing be the same as explained above? If i could move Windows off my MacBooks SSD and onto something else it would be wonderful!




How does this even warrant an article? This article basically shows you how to choose an external hard drive from a menu. What's next? An article that describes how to save your document onto a USB drive in Microsoft Word? Step 1. Install Microsoft Word. Step 2. Type your document. Step 3. Go to the Save menu, and then select the USB drive. Step 4. Happy computing!



Anyone know if you can run Call of Duty or Black Ops using a Mac running with a virtual machine? If so, is there a lag or delay?



to DarkKnight25 you can Firewire the program to an external drive, just like you can firewire programs to any computer.



If I have a parallels VM already on my hard drive, is there a way I could move it onto an external drive or SD card?



Yes, see my previous reply regarding using VMWare with an external drive.


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J Keirn-Swanson

I swear, I can't imagine what is expected to happen as a result of this obvious spam that everyone simply lets their eyes glide over. Whoever is paying these spammers is being taken for a ride. I'd sure like to cash in on this apparently lucrative bit of nonsense.



Can you do this with VirtalMachine Ware(VMWare)?



Yes, create a directory for the VMWare VM's on the external drive and move them (copy THEN delete) to the external drive. Change the default directory in preferences to the new drive\folder. Make an alias for the VM and put it on the desktop or in a folder of your choice (not necessary, but helpful). Double click the VM or the alias to run it. You may be asked if you MOVED this virtual machine - reply as appropriate.

It should be obvious that the external drive should be mounted before starting the VM... and faster drives give somewhat better performance.

I have both Parallels & VMWare on my iMac and all VM' on an external drive as described here. As of V6 of Parallels a message is offered (you can cancel it) reminding the user to NOT DISMOUNT the drive where the VM's are during use.

This configuration has worked very well for me and I run Windows XP - Windows 7 as well as several version of Linux this way.



two questions:

1) Does VM Ware not allow you to choose the external drive when you create a virtual machine? It's been a while since I've created one, so I'm not sure if it ever gave me the option.

2) Is there a noticeable difference on how fast the VM runs from an external drive compared to being installed internally?





1) yes, as best as I remember (I don't have vmware loaded right now)

2) I'm using a firewire 400 drive for my virtual machines and I didn't notice a real slowdown when I moved them from the iMac's internal hard drive. It has been about 3 years since I did that.

You're welcome


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