How to Sell Your Old iPhone



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Vince Nigel

There are many ways to sell your iPhone, but no matter which one you choice you must know this warning: iPhone "Restore" does not delete personal data! - From CNET

So before selling your iPhone, you should erase anything on it first. here is a video for wiping all personal data permanently from your iPhone.



Do not send your phone to Totem. They will keep your phone and not pay you.



Also check blazing electronics
They offer high prices on iphone buyback and other smartphones and ipads.
Example: ATT iphone 4s 16GB like new $270! (Price as of 3/6/2013)



I agree with Your Thoughts and think rather selling on eBay or risking with Craigslist, one should consider websites like iGotOffercom where one can get instant quote and I ve tested they offer much better deal than eBay, Give it a try



ok honestly some of these sites are not paying a fair price for peoples old cell phones. For example, if you go to, and see what the quote is for a iPhone 4 is, you will find that it is in or around the $100 dollar range. not bad, but actually a lot worse then if you go to (Device Flip) --> and see what they will give. They will give you $180+ depending on your condition. Just because is not listed on the top page of google, people don't take time to look around, and therefore get a sad price compared to what they could get for their iPhone, or iPhone 4. You can check here to see what i mean! -



I had a very good experience selling my old phone to Their service was both very easy and very quick. What more could I ask for?


You guys should check us out at, we give the best price for iPhone 4 in good condition. Just head over to


Mr. Happypants

The Ebay route looks interesting, if only because they appear to have "qualified" re-sellers paying a pre-set price based on the condition of the unit. The only thing that concerns me with the Ebay deal is if they determine it's in say "Fair" instead of "Good" condition, you'll lose a good deal of money. And I imagine have to pay return shipping to get the phone back also. That and prices they pay are likely to drop rapidly as the market gets flooded with people (like me) unloading their older model phones.



I might consider buying your iPhone 4 if you are interested let me know by replying to my comment.



I'm selling 2 iphone4 one is 16gb black in mint condish has apple care until july 2012 and comes with a red and black vapor 4 case with a brand new graphite back, and the other is a 32gb black mint condish it had zagg screen protectors on the front back and all around since day 1. i now have it in a life proof case (not included) but i have the old zagg protectors so you can just exchange them for a free new set. and it comes with apple care until july 2012 and a vapor 4 case blue and black plus both come in original box with charger and headset. the headset for the 32gb is unused. let me know


Mac Life forgot to mention They give the highest price, and don't change on offers given! Check us out!

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