How to Set Up File Sharing at Home



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Carsten Legaard

I write because I could not find answers anywhere else.

I am completely out in the nettles with iCloud - the whole family is, actually.

We have for many years shared the same Apple ID without problems. And we took really good care, because we have tied several thousand $ iTunes music, movies, etc. to the ID.

At one point, we set up another Apple ID, which we used for image sharing on first Mobile Me, and from there automatically on to iCloud.

After that we have not had control of anything. Notes are mixed criss-cross of machinery (Macs and iPads) and deleted without obvious reason.

In pure panic we tried to log out of the big shredder, iCloud, with the result that even more notes and documents disappeared and was not restored when we logged in again.

They were not only deleted from iCloud, but also from the machines they had previously been on.

I have tried on and on some of the popular mac pages to read about what to do, but have not been able to find anything resembling a simple and secure setup. (I've read a lot about Apple demanding new email addresses added to people's iCloud accounts, but I dare not say if that will makes things better or worse).

I've tried to ask in Apple's forum, the so-called Discussions, but has only received two responses - both respond to something completely different than what I'm asking!

The temptation to shut down everything that has to rio with iCloud is apparent - it is frankly difficult to live with the fact that you can not see the advantages, but in return you get spoiled what was thought to be safely stored - and is not even protected on your machine, but also will be wiped out there.

But I understand the conditions this way: If I wanna do without iCloud, there is only one possible way, and that is to downgrade the OS to one of the old systems from before Lion. Or for that matter, for something completely different - Linux - Windows - whatever. (I am not a mac-hater, has actually been on the platform since 87).

My question is, then, before I reluctantly go back to Leopard or Windows, can You or somebody You might know point me to a simple safe and working iCloud setup for a familily with six machines (iMacs, MacBooks, iPads and iPhones) - especially how we do the stuff with ID(s) and at the same time maintains each family members private mail, notes and contacts.

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