How to Set Up an iTunes Home Server



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Scott Moote

Came across this article now, realize it was written almost 2 yrs ago... any thoughts to this now, or advances? My MAC MINI home setup as a dedicated iTunes Server works ok. I see challenges when looking to push new content to the iTunes server and have to log into the MAC MINI to PULL the new content from another location instead of being able to push the new content to the iTunes server... this is a fully dedicated MAC MINI sitting on a server rack in my garage, no keyboard/mouse/monitor. When I create new home movies, getting it to this MAC MINI for distribution to my other Apple TV's (3), iPads, etc is a pain...


Alexey Belozerov

You can also assembly small server with Windows installed, standalone or XEN-based virtual machine, and install iTunes on it with Home sharing enabled. I am using Citrix Xen Server and virtual machine with Windows Server 2012 + iTunes + EasyTunesAsService (to autostart iTunes as windows service,



my mac mini is old so only runs snow leopard - but i have lion on my macbook air... will this setup work?



Completely off-topic, but where is that black desktop picture from? :D



The desktop image is a revamp of one of the original Mac OS 8 desktop pictures. You can download the full desktop image here: bit[dot]ly/rluZbR -- just replace the "[dot]" with an actual dot when putting it in your web browser.



Very slick! Thanks!



Sweet, thank you so much! :D



Is there no way to do this with a Dynamic IP address? I like the security of dynamic.


Unix-based or n...

Check over step 1 paragraph 3... “Put the hard disk(s) to keep when possible"

I believe that you cannot put a hard drive to "keep".



Synology, QNap, etc all have NAS'es for the SOHO market. I chose Synology and it's my iTunes server, TimeMachine server, file server, printer share (2), NNTP, web, mail, etc. For less than the cost of a Mac Mini I have it all and setup was quite easy for the basic functions. Mail and web require a little skill but not much.

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