How to Set a New Password for a Recycled Mac



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If you don't have a boot disc, you can do without it, by booting into Single-User mode (command-s during startup). It's pretty technical but explained in detail here over at but I can't paste the link it because the spam filter prevents it. So, I'll paste in the text instead.

I had to do it for a G5 I got from a friend, and it was easy. Getting the name of the harddrive is a bit confusing, but trial and error prevailed.

---begin paste

Reboot and after POST, hold down Command-s

This boots to single-user mode, so you're root.

Then mount the harddrive; usually this is the second slice of the first harddisk:

# mount /dev/rdisk0s2 /mnt

But if that doesn't work you can always do an ls /dev/rdisk* and try mounting others.

Now that the filesystem is mounted, you can manipulate user accounts. Pick the admin user or who ever you want to screw over or help fix their computer or whatever, and do the usual:

# passwd (insert the administrator short name here)
New Unix Password: (type in your new password here)

------end pasted text

That's not my tip (so don't blame me if it don't work!), it's from the blog I refer to, credit goes to blogger "Klaatu".

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