How to Set Up a Personal Hotspot with the iPhone



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Even if you have an unlimited data plan, your carrier might impose a limit on Personal Hotspot data regardless. I could be mistaken (tho' I don't believe I am), but I think Verizon does this.


chuck B

JB the bloody thing and use one of the packages from Cydia. For a $20 (the last time I looked) one time charge you can install software that will allow you to use a hotspot and block that information from your carrier. For all they'll know, you'll be using the data on your phone.



Wait a second... I thought those of us who still have the old unlimited AT&T data plans would automatically LOSE it by enabling this "feature," not that it makes a huge difference anymore with data throttling such as it is. But I'm loathe to give up unlimited data for any of AT&T's new plans. Has this changed recently, because using the personal hotspot used to mean switching pricing plans...?



Better check with your plan to see if you will get charged for using the hotspot and also if this changes your plan, you could be re-upping for a two year period in order to use this. Just saying. Somebody tell me if I am wrong here cause I'd love to use my iPhone as a Hotspot. I don't want to pay an add'l $20/Month and lengthen my contract by two years just for doing this.

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