How to Set Up Your Gmail Accounts as Push Email



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Cory, thanks for clarifying this!
I am using Snow Leopard Server for my company's IMAP accounts, and messages always
arrive instantly on desktops, iPhones and iPads, so i was under the impression that Push equals IMAP.
I discovered today though that SLS indeed supports Push, although it didn't work at first...
But it works fine with the latest version of SLS and iOS 5.
Thanks again.

(Edit: Sorry, i forgot to press reply, and message appeared out of the discussion)



Great article. I set up my Gmail account to an exchange and emails are coming in pretty instantly as described. However, I’ve noticed that if I “flag” an email on my iPhone or MacBook Pro it does not sync across to flag it on all the devices. Am I missing some other setting?



Excuse me Cory,

but please explain this to me...
What is the difference between push and IMAP?
I was under the impression that they are exactly the same thing!
IMAP is the technical term for the more fancy, commercial term "Push"
If you just setup any plain IMAP account (like gmail or MobileMe) and set the Fetch New Data to Push,
then you get exactly the same result with what you describe above....

Or maybe i am missing something?



Hi vterm, 

IMAP (or Internet message access protocol) is a way for your email client to directly interact with messages on the server (view, move, organize, and delete). With IMAP, messages are usually not stored locally, but are dynamically pulled and read from the server.

Push is essentially an extension of the IMAP protocol (commonly referred to as IMAP 4), and often called Push-IMAP. It allows for more constant communication with the server; with Push, you get the same benefits of IMAP coupled with IMAP IDLE, which is a technology that allows for the instant-alert system that Push provides.

From Wikipedia's IMAP IDLE article ( "The IDLE feature allows IMAP e-mail users to immediately receive any mailbox changes without having to undertake any action such as clicking on a refresh button, or having the e-mail client automatically and repeatedly ask the server for new messages." 

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