How to Share Your iPhoto Library From Networked Storage



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Best solution I found was using Chronosync running at night over LAN, to sync all photos in all iPhoto libraries. Works like a charm, and each computer has large external storage (so cheap today). Btw, all computers are hard wired through LAN roaming AEBS. This is how I set up for my clients.


Nathan Hicks

I just bought a new MacBook Pro Retina 13" for my wife with the base 128GB of space. Realized I should have considered more space...

Her iphoto library is basically a duplicate of the library on our iMac, so I'm planning to just join them together. I suppose she could just view the library shared from the iMac, but I'm thinking about 802.11ac too and wondering if that brings new life to the idea of using an iphoto library over wifi...

Maybe that along with some tweaks to how iPhoto handles it's data to reduce corruption etc.



Hi, thanks for the above article, super information. What I am not really aware of till now is how can I backup files from a mounted sparse bundle using timemachine. Thanks for your answer.



Wow. Very cool. This is exactly what I'm trying to do. I have a Time Capsule, and on the 1TB internal hard drive I've stored some 34,000+ photos...and yet, I am only now coming around to bring them into iPhoto.

There are two Macbooks in the house -- and we'd both like to access the same iPhoto library. (And it's perfectly okay if only one Macbook at a time can access the library -- as long as any photo edits and changes we make can be saved and viewed on either Macbook.)

The article mentions "the dedicated storage from the hard drive-equipped Time Capsule," but never actually addresses whether (or not) the TC's internal hard drive is capable of holding an iPhoto library...since, (as the article points out), "iPhoto libraries are required to be stored on disks formatted “Mac OS Extended (Journaled)".

So, here's the question: Can the TC's internal hard drive store an iPhoto library? Is it, in fact, formatted Mac OS Extended (Journaled)? (I've google'd my butt off, but haven't found an answer.)

Or must I store the iPhoto library on a Mac OS Extended (Journaled)-format USB hard drive connected to the TC?




Another very easy way to give access to you iPhoto libraries on all of your Macs... DropBox! =)

I have my iPhoto libraries on my DropBox and it auto syncs all of the changes to all of my Macs while also keeping a backup in the cloud. You still can't access the library on two Macs at the same time, but it is SUPER easy to setup and it has worked great for the last year I have been using it.

The only caveats you have to be aware of.

1. If you libraries are larger than 2GB, you will need to pay for the larger storage space on DropBox
2. This means that you will have a local copy on all your macs... But for a big positive, that means when you leave your home and your home network, your pictures come with you.



Thank you. So useful. Great info. Clear instructions. Really good job. Thx.

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