How to Shop for a Refurbished Mac



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There are many more options when buying a "refurbished mac" depending on the meaning of refurbished. Powermax, Megamacs, Gainsaver, and several other retailers offer used macs which have been inspected, cleaned, and offer replacement hardware. A comparision of Apple with the other alternatives would be quite useful, unless you consider the Mac store the ONLY option.



Graphics are a huge deal! I believe that they are another exceedingly important part of the picking process. From resizing a picture to straight up online domination in your favorite video game, the graphics chip is a big deal. I have an integrated graphics card and it doesn't run much of anything, and the lag is a little annoying. Definitely shoot for the best graphics you can afford, in addition to all of the other non-upgradeables that come in our beastly machines (Macs).



These nice folks always give sound advice...listen and you won't be sorry. "Bigger is better, & faster = happier customer".


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