How to Solve All Your MobileMe Sync Problems



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Had all sorts of problems trying to sync from my outlook calendar to MobileMe and iphone with the new MobileMe calendar... All was working great previously... what just happened?
Decided to give it up and get my money back after trying pretty much everything I could to fix the issues... Apple chat support was helpful, waiting for refund now and connecting iphone to my PC with a cable again... really thought we were finally out of the stone age... I guess this is not yet the case... :(



Very nice article... and pertinent to issues I'm currently going through. Unfortunately it doesn't address my issue where my Outlook calendar is accurate but the Calendar on MobileMe isn't. And when using Apple's Control Panel on my PC, it doesn't correct the information in the cloud when I try the advance option to "Reset Sync Data" with the information from my computer.

This all started after I downgraded from the new MobileMe calendar to the old version.

The worse thing is - Apple doesn't support MobileMe with over the phone support... only web support.

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