How to Switch Back from Lion to Snow Leopard



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I just bought a MacBook Pro refurb. It is the February 2011 edition and had Lion installed. I ordered snow leopard from the apple store, and they sent me the 10.6.3 edition which did not work. I called support and asked for the original snow leopard startup disk for that model (10.6.6) and they shipped it to me no charge, and refunded my purchase of snow leopard. So it is possible to install snow leopard, if your laptop was released before July 2011.



Yes, if it comes from apple with lion OS on it there is no turning back. I made 3 calls to apple about wanting to switch my new Mac book pro back to snow leopard. What they said is .... once it leaves the factory the firmware has been updated And it can no longer be brought backwards. I tried it myself it would not work. I ended up shipping it back and getting my money back!



The line reading “As long as your Mac didn’t ship with OS X Lion” in the article makes me wonder. Is there something preventing the clean-wipe-and-install-from-disc method from working correctly to put Snow Leopard on a new Mac that shipped with Lion?

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