How to Switch from Entourage to Mail



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When I have imported mailboxes from Entourage to Apple mail the first mails in every mailbox have the same date as the transfer(=today) while older ones keep the date they were created. I use Lion.

Any idea what went wrong?


kenstee must do this BEFORE you upgrade to 10.7.

If you are already at 10.7+ your system will not recognize Entourage as Entourage is a PPC-only app NOT Universal. As such, the import can't be done.



Entourage 2008 is compatible with Intel Macs, however. Earlier versions indeed require the Rosetta framework, which isn't available in Lion.



I always used entourage and then upgraded to Office 2011 when it came out.

However with a couple of IMAP & exchange accounts this is now resembling outlook on windows '98 in terms of speed which is pretty poor seeing as both my Macs are this years revisions.

Moving over to Mail, certainly has been running faster...

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