How to Sync All Your Outlook Data Over MobileMe



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Waste of time and money...

On the other hand, it does what Apple has always wanted: minimally allow access to MS:O, while always striving toward getting people to switch to Macs, Apple software, and get away from MS altogether.

I have to admit, two years ago our entire office switched to Macbook Pro's and with the exception of one employee, everyone has switched to iWork and the Apple proprietary Calendar, Mail, Address Book....

Of course, I'm happy I work in an environment where MS products are completely unnecessary, and I know everyone's mileage varies, especially those stuck working in large corporate environments still wedded to MS.

Still -- each time I look at MS Office and think they are finally catching up, they are just consistently falling one step behind.



Let me make sure I understand this correctly.....The GOOD news is that if I'm an Office 2011 user I can now sync my calendar for the next 7 days?????????


Thanks Apple.

I've been drinking the Apple Koolaid pretty heavily over the last year or so.....I think I just regurgitated it all back up.

I guess its time to cancel MobileMe. It has just been rendered useless.....and they still charge money for it.



FTA: The reason for this apparent bait-and-switch is that Apple is transitioning MobileMe to CalDAV, a standard which is unsupported by the latest Outlook update.

It's not Apple's fault, Microsoft is the one that doesn't support the standard.




I understand that and Microsoft should keep up with the world. However, Apple also knows that most business computers are PC's running Outlook and that these PC users are PAYING for MobileMe to sync contacts and calendars with their sexy iPhones. Apple is just sending people over to Google's FREE service. At least give it a bit more time before making in mandatory.

The smartest thing Apple ever did was to make iTunes compatable with PC's. That was the genesis of there expansive growth and new found following. An iPod connected to a PC was the first sip of Apple Koolaid for most of us.

I'm sure this is all tied to the future services that will be connected to their huge data center in NC, but right now it makes no sense. I've read many forum threads of people searching for a solution who are now dropping the service. I was hoping this would end differently, but this article seals it.

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