How To Tile Finder Windows



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Back in OS9, there was a neat little one-trick wonder app that allowed the user to open a FInder window, then specify how many pixels up or down, left or right all subfolder windows should open. I forget what it was called, but it was brilliant! When you moved the "mother window," the other windows followed it and continued to open up X pixels horizontal and Y pixels vertical.

I'm wanting something similar for OS X 10.6. I suspect it's just an AppleScript, something like:

From open window top left corner, move subwindow down Y pixels and right X pixels
Open subfolder. Move window accordingly.

Granted, that is not AppleScript. I don't know AppleScript.

Anyone have any ideas?



Better Touch Tool (free, snow leopard only) does tiling, as well as letting you set gestures for your macbook trackpad, magic trackpad, or magic mouse, along with other handy features. I highly recommend it.

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