How to Track Your Apple Devices



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I'm testing the service on the Mac itself; Wi-Fi isn't currently turned on, so I guess that explains that. (I'm accessing the Internet through my tethered Verizon iPhone 4S.) Now—six hours later—it "finds" my phone "located 4 hours ago," at a location about a mile southeast of where it's actually been. I remain mystified.



When I access iCloud, it says my iPhone and my Mac have "no location," although Location Services are turned on. What good is that? How do I enable iCloud to track my devices' locations?




If you MAC is sleeping then I have found no location will be found. Once there is WIFI activity, it will find the location. Check Location Services and make sure it is enabled.

As for your iphone, ensure the Find My Iphone is on, and Location Services has it "allowed" to use location services.

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