How To Travel Smarter With Your iPhone



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Well, when I arrived in India I got the cheapest phone that I was able to find. I was able to use the internet and check my mails but it was too basic and I could hardly do anything besides reading my mails. Later I got an unlocked iPhone 4 from Belgium and it works excellent. It was very expensive but totally worth it. I wouldn't go for a cheap phone anymore specially when traveling abroad. I have been able to use it in India, Nepal and in the USA without any trouble always buying local prepaid sim cards. India is the best, you can get a sim card for something like 45 rupees (that's like 1$) and an unlimited internet plan for 98 rupees a month. It's just awesome!

You can find more information here:




I found a very good solution with ulysse mobile prepaid sim card.
Please find the link below :
2 numbers in the same sim card and local rate for all your contacts who wants to call you.
I purchased one of this card and i really appreciated.
Hope it will help.



Just too complicated!

Get a cheap mobile phone, a basic one with all you need, max US$25. Bought 2 Nokia's for that price in Hong Kong. In Asia every phone is unlocked!

For a little more you find phones with internet and email capabilities.

And where ever you are in Asia, etc., buy a cheap sim card. But check on how many minutes are on the card.

Sim cards are available at Seven/11's and many other places, often already when you arrive at the airport.

Also texting cost nothing, or a tiny bit, so for simple messages . . . send text, saves you even more.

And better . . . if it is a vacation . . . forget your phone. Enjoy your Life!



I thought this would be more of a a listing of travel apps. Darn.



Here are two stories we did that you might find helpful:

I did a Free App Friday on free apps to travel.

It's about Holiday traveling, but it can apply to any time of the year.


Hope that helps!




Oh, sweet, thanks!

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