How to Troubleshoot Your Printer



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I have had the exact same thing happen to me since I got my new Mac a year ago. I had an Epson printer at the time, and I had to plug and unplug to get it to work. Sometimes it would go on its own, mostly it wouldn't. I got a new HP and it does the same thing. I thought it was my USB port that I plug everything into so I got a new one. Wasn't that either. My next move was to get a new electrical plug, but since it happened with both printers, different plugs, and now I see it happens to other people, it has got to be a software issue. Also, absolutely at random I get message on the screen saying that I just installed a new printer cartridge and need to align. I hadn't installed a new cartridge recently, but when I click OK to align, it spins and spins, going nowhere. Any ideas? It can't be just downloading upgrades of printer software, since it has happened with different printers, including brand new printers.

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