How to Turn a PDF Into a PowerPoint Slide



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Michael Ostrofsky

Absolutely brilliant. Worked perfectly. Thank you so much.



I appreciate these types of topics. I've been wanting to use Automator a lot more but haven't had the time to experiment with it as much as I'd like. I'd love to see more articles like this. Even if they're not perfect, it gives me new ideas about how I might accomplish a simple task like this :)



This advice is useless, as it is impossible to move or drag the PDF to anywhere.



Well, thanks for sharing such a great tip for us.
But I don't think it can turn scanned PDF to PPT like another superb tool - enolsoft PDF to PowerPoint with OCR for Mac. Anyway,thanks again!



I gave this method a try for getting a large number of IRS forms into Powerpoint. What you wind up with is portrait shaped forms stuck into landscape slides. Since the idea is to present the forms so they are legible when projected in a meeting room, this is a bust.
I did try converting the slides to portrait after import but this distorts them.
Since a very large number of PDF's are setup to be portrait oriented letter sized docs, it seems odd that no one has come up with a batch conversion script that will allow setting the format for the powerpoint slide doc before import of the slides.
I liked the script and the opportunity to play with Automator, but really cannot think of when I would need PDF's imported into landscape PPT slides... this is a tool that solves no problem?

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