How To Turn Your Old Mac into a Boxee Media Server



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I'm looking for a 'software' option for a PPC G5 similar to PLEX. I'm eventually going to evaluate Equinux's MediaCentral and XBMC. Doesn't appear to be many options with everything requiring 'Intel' or java 1.6 now. Boxee does appear to be a 'hardware' solution. Hoping for software version to enable a 'media center' on my G5.



I'm with Computergoddess: I'm not sure about the general lay out. I think maybe the picture up top is misleading: Shows an old iMac with wifi symbols going towards a TV. I'm guessing that it is more likely that the old iMac is hardwired to the TV and is wirelessly connected to one's main (newer) computer and network.




Is boxee available for Power processor (older) Macs? I thought it was limited to Intel based only.



Okay. I have the two MAcs and I have an HDTV. I can connect one of the Macs to the TV but which one. Your directions are a bit hard to follow. Which computer gets the Boxee software, which one has the sharing turned on and which one is hooked up to the tv? I was just up making Christmas cards and decorating, etc, for over 12 hours so I may be a bit slow but this sounds great so if you could fill in some of my blanks, please and thankyou.


Mr. Happypants

Interesting, I've got a stripped G5 Cheesegrater that needs a purpose. Looks like Boxee runs on 10.4.x also which is great because I can't seem to find a reasonably priced 10.5 Updgrade install anywhere.

If the G5 doesn't have wireless though, I suppose I'll need a DVI-to-HDMI cable also to push the video to the HDTV.

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