How to Tweak the Settings for Gatekeeper in Mountain Lion



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Since installing Mountain Lion there are so far 4 Apps I can't open, Reminders, Contacts, iPhoto and when clicking Security and Privacy nothing happens. :-(

The Mac OS releases are incrementally getting worse. Too bad, because I like my MacBook Pro. Use to love it with Leopard. Leopard never crashed on me or my wife.



It sounds like you need to visit the Apple Store with a Genius Appointment. If you don't have one near by, try Applecare. When an install goes bad, there could be many factors involved. Errors already on your hard drive,
corrupted software, software that was not up to date. Some things you could try to resolve your issues is to run Disk Utility located in the Utilities folder. You can easily get there by going into finder and then at the top menu click on the go menu and scroll down to Utilities. Select Disk Utilities then once booted select Macintosh HD and do a verify on your drive.
If there are errors make sure you have your data backed up FIRST before you do anything else.
Then you can proceed and restart your computer and then hold the option key down. This will bring up the boot loader which will give you access to the hidden recovery partition. Select the language then select Disk Utility again. Remember you need to back up first. If you have backed up then you can again select Macintosh HD and click on the repair button. If the repair is successful you will be notified with green text. If not it will show red text which means your hard drive is either bad or the volume Macintosh HD is corrupted and you will need to do an erase and install. This is why I stress the backup part so much.
Call applecare and they can walk you through that process.

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