How to Type the Command Key Symbol and Other Cool Symbols



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1) Good info

2) The symbols unfortunately don't have meta data tags, so typing Cmd or Command in the search field gives us no results. Pity. This does work with Emoji and the like.

3) The ⌘ sign is in the 'Technical Symbols' Mr. August

4) Where's the Shift symbol? Anyone?



On my OS X 10.8.5 system, the above instructions diverge after Show Character Viewer. There is no drop down View menu, the menus stay for whatever app I am in, e.g., Safari.

Instead I used the Options (gear) button at the upper left and selected Customize List. I had to check the Technical Symbols category, unchecked by default, to get the appropriate list to display.

While poking around at this, I did some digging in Google Docs Insert Special Character dialog (my need for the symbol was in such a document). I found the symbol (called the Place of Interest Symbol) in one of the lists, inserted it in my document, and now I cannot find it again. Fortunately, the GDocs dialog allows you to enter the Unicode number and typing 2318 got me the character again, even though I still don't know what list I found it in in the first place.



Lol....or you could just copy the symbol from the text above and paste where you need it.....⌘ ta-da!



I know of two options that enable you to directly type the symbol you want. The simplest way is to configure the Text tab of the Language & Text pane of System Preferences to use automatic text replacement. Click the + icon at the bottom and add a rule to replace, for example “~~cmdkey” with “⌘”.

Another route you could go is to use a custom keyboard layout. You can make your own such layout with the free Ukelele program (version 2.1.4 is current at the time of this writing.)

My personal custom layout “Qboard” is available here: (approximately 800KB). It provides the ability to directly type numerous characters such as ʇxǝʇ uʍop-ǝpᴉsdn, Greek, a large amount of mathematical notation, the symbols on Mac keyboards, and more.

In particular, with my layout, to type the Place Of Interest sign ⌘, which appears on the Command key, I type Opt-Shift-semicolon to enter Symbol mode, then I hit the Z key. Or succinctly, I type ⌥⇧; then z to get ⌘. Documentation included with Qboard shows all the modes that can be entered, what symbols are available in each, and how to type them, as well as how to install the layout.



So, you can’t really “type” it?

LIke Option+Shift+K = ?

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