How to Undo a Jailbreak



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Lol this was kinda late...Cydia decided to delete all my repositories and packages, despite the themes still being there in Winterboard. I already restored it and got caught by AT&T for not using a data plan in the process of restoring. For some reason, AT&T didn't catch me when i had a jailbreak, but that's probably because I turned of Data under SBSettings.



It's not always as simple as that. I changed my root password to keep anyone from hacking my device. Subsequently I downloaded an app that was listed as iPhone 4 compatible but really wasn't. It rendered my phone completely useless. I tried to restore in iTunes but kept getting errors. My phone was stuck on the Connect to iTunes screen. I tried Tiny Umbrella, Recboot, etc to no avail. I thought it was bricked. After about a thousand tries it finally restored in iTunes even though I didn't do anything new or different. Lucky I guess because at that point I'd already decided to get a new iPhone, I was just waiting for the Apple Store to open. Be careful about Jailbreaking. I won't do it again even though I miss MyWi.

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